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  • The Framingham Public School District is home to BLOCKS Preschool, 9 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools, and 1 High School. We are extremely proud of our incredible school system and you should be too! Our diversity - culturally, linguistically, and programmatically, is one of the most special, differentiating aspects of our community. Did you know that our students come from 69 Countries and speak 72 languages? Check out our Expanded Fact Sheet or our Condensed Fact Sheet for more helpful information about Framingham Public Schools!

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    BLOCKS Preschool Brophy Elementary School Cameron Middle Schooll
    Looking for story ideas? We’ve got amazing students, teachers, administrators, athletes, and artists. If you are interested in working with us, are looking for resources to help tell a story or help writing content, please feel free to reach out.
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