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    When a new student enrolls in the Framingham Public Schools, a Home Language Survey is used to collect information about the languages spoken at home. All students whose home language includes a language other than English are tested for English language proficiency. (G.L.c. 71A, sec. 4,5).

    Multilingual Connection  

    Students’ English language proficiency will be assessed by means of a screening process. The screening process is conducted on an individual basis. DESE has identified several appropriate assessments and scoring cutoffs depending on the student’s age. Except for PreK-K students who are assessed only in listening and speaking, students in grades 1-12 are assessed in the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

    Home Language Survey
    Additionally, students who speak either Spanish or Portuguese, the two largest populations of the district, are assessed in their native language. The results of the English and native language assessments are then shared with the family and assist with programmatic placement decisions such as identification and school/program placement of ELs.

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