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    The Two-Way model brings together students dominant in Spanish (50%) and English (50%) in a specially designed academic program. The Two-Way Program follows the same curriculum as standard classes; the difference is the language of instruction. Students begin in kindergarten spending 80% of their day in Spanish. By 3rd grade 50% of instruction in language arts, math, science and social studies is in English, and 50% is in Spanish. (Lessons taught in one language are not repeated in the other.)

    Students in the Abriendo Puertas Secondary Two-Way program continue with their study of Spanish at Walsh Middle School and Framingham High School. Students who successfully complete all of the requirements of the secondary program will be recognized during the high school graduation ceremony. 

    Program Goals

    The Two-Way Bilingual Program aims for students to:

    • become bilingual and biliterate in Spanish and English;
    • progress academically according to the same curriculum used in the standard classrooms;
    • develop positive cross-cultural relationships and positive attitudes toward their own culture and that of others.

    Program Features

    • Initial development of literacy skills (reading and writing) takes place in Spanish.
    • In Kindergarten and grade 1 students spend 80% of their day learning in Spanish and 20% in English.
    • In grade 2 the amount of time in Spanish decreases to 70% and the amount of time in English increases to 30%.
    • Special subject classes: art, music and physical education are always taught in English.
    • English Language Development (ELD) teachers provide additional instructional support to Two-Way classrooms.
    • All staff is trained in language immersion strategies to ensure full access to academic content.

    Program Benefits
    Studies done in Canada and in the United States show that by learning a second language students benefit by:

    • Improving academic achievement;
    • Developing mental flexibility and creativity;
    • Developing higher level thinking skills;
    • Maintaining their native language and culture while acquiring a second language;
    • Collaborating with students from diverse backgrounds.

    Where is Two-Way Program Offered?
    Two-Way Bilingual Education programs are offered at:

    • Barbieri Elementary School: (K-5).
    • Walsh Middle School: (Grades 6-8). Students receive Social Studies and Spanish Language Arts in Spanish. Math, Science and English Language Arts are taken with standard curriculum, English-dominant students.
    • Framingham High School : (Grade 9-12). Two-way bilingual students continue to develop their Spanish proficiency through a Spanish Language and Literature class. They also have the option of taking Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish in grade 12. Additionally, they may choose to enroll in academic classes offered by the Spanish Bilingual Program.

    How can my child participate? 
    Enrollment in the Two-Way Bilingual program is open to every new kindergarten student. Seats are filled through a lottery process. It is difficult for students to enroll after kindergarten because they must already have substantial proficiency in the second language. In order to preserve the integrity of this program parents are asked to carefully consider both the appropriateness of and their desire for this choice for their child, as well as the long-term commitment that is required. (A Letter of Commitment must be signed  in order to be considered for the lottery.)