High School Programs

  • Specialized Instruction Classrooms
    Students who require specialized education in the areas of English, Literacy, Math, Speech, and Language, and/or Academic Support are provided with small group support from a  certified special educator and/or speech-language pathologist.  The instruction parallels the standard curriculum and includes MCAS preparation.  

    Inclusion Classrooms
    This program provides support in the areas of Language Arts, History, Math, and Science.  The inclusion classroom consists of a certified special educator who co-teaches with a standard curriculum teacher who is certified in the specific subject area.  Individual and small group assistance is provided within the standard curriculum classroom. The special educator provides consultation to standard curriculum teachers regarding student's learning style and educational needs.  The special educator ensures that accommodations are being implemented in the standard curriculum classroom. 

    The Phoenix Program
    The Phoenix Program at Framingham High School is a unique alternative education program designed for students with significant social-emotional and/or behavioral needs identified through Special Education Eligibility Determination. These impairments impact learning and the student’s ability to achieve progress in other educational settings. Students are accepted only when less restrictive educational settings have been evaluated and determined to be inappropriate.  Phoenix offers academic, emotional and positive behavioral support in order to integrate students into general education classes and/or the experiences offered in the larger high school community. The program is a structured, relationship-based collaborative approach to education that strives to emphasize and build on strengths.


    The Learning Center

    The Learning Center program is designed for students with Intellectual, Neurological, and Multiple Disabilities, and students on the Autism Spectrum. Students follow the rotating schedule of the high school.  They receive all academic instruction from certified special educators. The curriculum is augmented with supplemental materials aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks specific to each student’s academic level. Students receive related services (OT, SLP, PT, APE, O&M, Vision, and/or Audiology) as indicated in their Individualized Education Program.  Access to elective opportunities within the general education setting, provide students with the experience of navigating the learning environments outside the classroom.  The Life Skills component of the program focuses on functional daily living, opportunities to build employability skills, safety awareness, and other functional life skills students need to develop greater independence.