High School Programs

  • Specialized Instruction Classrooms

    Students who require specialized education in the areas of English, Literacy, math, Speech and Language, and/or Study Strategies are provided with small group support from a certified special educator and/or speech-language pathologist.  The instruction parallels the standard curriculum and includes MCAS preparation.   

    Inclusion Classrooms

    This program provides support in the areas of Language Arts, History, Math, and Science.  The inclusion classroom consists of a certified special educator who co-teaches with a standard curriculum teacher who is certified in the specific subject area.   Individual and small group assistance is provided within the standard curriculum classroom.  The special educator provides consultation to standard curriculum teachers regarding student's learning style and educational needs.  The special educator ensures that accommodations are being implemented in the standard curriculum classroom.  

    The Phoenix Program

    The Phoenix Program is a highly structured, behaviorally oriented therapeutic special education program.  The goal of the program is to work on solutions for the behavior and emotional issues of students with behavioral and emotional disabilities as well as to provide these students with equal access to the traditional academic program of standard curriculum students.  The academic curriculum parallels the standard curriculum across all content areas and is aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Related services such as literacy support and speech-language services are provided according to the student's IEP.  Two social workers and two behavior specialists support the program full time.

    The Learning Center

    This program is designed for children on the Autism Spectrum.  The program is designed to provide services with small class sizes and a curriculum specific to the student's individual needs.  A certified special education teacher, a speech/language pathologist, and teacher assistant(s), as necessary, staff the Learning Center Program.  Each staff member receives in house training for the Social Skills Program.  Academics within the program follow the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and students will be mainstreamed for elective and academics whenever possible.  Students have opportunities to practice skills learned within the Framingham community.

    Related Services

    • Resource Room/In-Class Support
    • Partial Inclusion Opportunities
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Adaptive Physical Education
    • BCBA/ABA Services
    • Teacher of the Visually Impaired
    • Orientation and Mobility