• Family Group & Program Descriptions
    Play, Learn, and Grow Together:
    This group is play-based learning that has something for every young learner. We will imagine, create, sing, and read as we explore the different brain building zones. After all, learning is not only fun, but is the gift that keeps on giving! All groups are free and are for 10 weeks. A gift is given for strong attendance!!!

    Baby Talk:
    This group is perfect for parents with an infant. We will have weekly discussions on common topics such as feeding, sleep, and child development. You will meet new friends, sing songs, and play. This group is FREE!

    Motor Time:
    This group provides gross motor activities and an opportunity to bring the outside in during the winter months. Great for children of all ages, siblings welcome.

    Let’s Go to Kindergarten:
    This group is geared toward the family with a 3-5 year old who wants to learn school readiness skills in a play-based way. After all, learning is fun! All groups are free and are for 10 weeks. A gift is given for strong attendance!!!

    Dads, Donuts and Discoveries:
    This group is a great way to connect to other dads and their families. We will sing songs, discover new learning activities, and read a story and more. Open to all families. Especially for children ages birth to 6 years old. FREE!

    This home-based literacy program provides families with weekly home visits by a trained home visitor who brings educational books and toys as gifts to the family. ParentChild+ is open to eligible families with children 18-36 months. FREE!


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