Frequently Asked Questions

  • What meals are served in the schools?

    We serve breakfast and lunch at all schools everyday as well as milk and various snacks.

    How much do breakfast, lunch, and milk cost?

    Breakfast at all schools - $1.75
    Elementary School lunch - $2.75
    High School lunch - $3.00
    Middle School lunch - $3.00
    Reduced breakfast - $0.30
    Reduced lunch - $0.40
    Milk - $0.60

    Please note all rates are reviewed annually

    Can I pre-pay for lunch?

    Yes. We accept personal checks made out to "Framingham Food Service" in an amount no greater than $25.00. All checks may be giver to the cashiers at any school. You can also set up online payments with MySchoolBucks program

    Is there financial assistance available?

    Yes. Free & Reduced Lunch Applications are distributed to all students the first day of school and are to be filled out by a parent or guardian; the forms can then be given to the homeroom teacher. Financial assistance needs to be renewed every year by the first week of October to keep a current student status.

    Do we serve lunch on an early dismissal day?

    On early dismissal days only the elementary schools are served lunch before being released.

    Do we serve lunch on a half-day?

    Lunch is not served on half-days for any of the schools. You can refer to School Hours to see the dismissal times.