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    The Framingham Public Schools Food Service Department is excited to provide parents with a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child's school meal account at any time. This service also provides parents with the ability to view your child's account balance through a web site called

    On this site you will create your account and add money to your child's school meal account. All you need is your child's name, student ID number and school ZIP code. By having money in each child's account prior to entering the cafeteria, we find the lunch lines move along much faster so your child has more time to eat and be with friends.

    Also, parents will have the ability to print out a copy of your child's eating history report. This report will show you all the dates and times on which your child has purchased a breakfast and or lunch within the past thirty days.

    Things to know:

    • If you have more than one child in the District you can handle all online prepayments from the same online account. In order to use the online prepayment service, a small convenience fee for each transaction will be assessed to cover the bank fees. The convenience fee is $1.95 per deposit transaction. 
    • Parents placing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the $1.95 fee once per deposit transaction. The Framingham School District does not profit from the use of this site.

    Registering for

    You will first need your child's student ID number; you may get this number by contacting your child's school or contacting the Food Service office.

    • Click the mySchoolBucks  logo at top of page.
    • Click Sign Up and enter the required information. You will enter your information as the parent/guardian to begin and will add a child or children as a second step.
    • When adding your child or children, you will be asked to enter their "Student #". This will be their LASID number with a "9" in front.
    • Click Finish to complete the initial registration process.
    • How to Make a Deposit:
      • Click Deposit Money located next to Add Student.
      • Enter an amount in the Deposit column next to your child's name.
      • If you have more than one child, enter the amount you wish to deposit into the column next to each child's name. DO NOT deposit money for your entire family into ONE child's account.
      • Click Calculate.
      • Click Make Deposit.
      • If you are using a credit card, enter the required information.
      • Click Pay Now when finished.
      • Click Pay once again to finish the process.

    For your protection, will not store your financial information

    Free and Reduced Lunch:

    To see if your child qualifies for free or reduced pricing on school lunches, please download and fill out the application and have it returned to the Framingham Schools Food Service Department.

    If you have any questions about these new services, please feel free to contact the Framingham Schools Food Service Department office at 508-626-9109.