Summer EBT

  • Families whose children are part of the direct certification group (who are automatically eligible) and are part of the categorically eligible group of homeless, migrant, runaway, Head Start Ann Mariano is taking care of that – For the families who do not fall under either category, they need to go to the online application on DTA’s website where they can apply for S-EBT benefits.

    DTA Connect - Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance


Mission Statement

  • The Department of School Nutrition in Framingham understands the challenges parents face daily when it comes to providing healthy meal options for their children.  The cafeteria staff strives to provide not only healthy choices but as many options as possible to meet the nutritional needs of every student. Our goal is to eliminate student hunger by increasing the quality, sustainability, and efficiency of the child nutritional programs in our schools and community. It is our mission to provide every student in the district with access to locally sourced, nutritious meals. We are committed to the health of our students and passionate about supporting the local food economy.

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