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    Mission Statement: The Multilingual Education Department offers research-based programs and exemplary instruction for multilingual learners in the Framingham Public Schools. FPS has a diverse student population and currently instructs students from over 70 countries who speak approximately 72 languages.

    Bilingual Team Members at Central Office

    We are committed to offering the highest quality of educational experiences to all students through language development programs in English, Spanish and Portuguese that foster grade-level social and academic language proficiency and mastery of state content-area standards, while simultaneously building on and celebrating students' cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds, practices, and experiences.

    Bilingual Team Members at Fuller

    Our Guiding Principles:
    1. Effective programs have equitable access and are based on both standards and current research.
    2. Effective instruction meets the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students.
    3. Effective on-going family involvement is integral to student success.
    4. Effective professional development improves teaching through the integration of language and content.

    Handbook for Multilingual Education Programs - ENGLISH 
    Manual de los programas de educación multilingüe - ESPAÑOL 
    Manual dos programas de educação multilíngue - PORTUGUÊS

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