History Department

  • The curriculum is designed to enable all students to become life-long learners who are skillful and competent in history and social sciences. As students progress through their course of study, they will:

    • learn the traditions and ideals of other nations and cultures,
    • understand the foundations of the United States as a representative democracy, and
    • participate intelligently in discussions of local, national, and international concern.

    Core courses emphasize global comprehension of history, geography, economics and government.

    Varied methods of instruction enable students to write effectively, frame relevant questions, shape reasoned arguments, and analyze primary and secondary sources.

    Required courses include Modern World History (grade 9), US History 1 (grade 10), and US History 2 (grade 11).

    Students are strongly encouraged to broaden their learning experiences through enrollment in elective courses. Elective courses vary in level, thus affording students the opportunity to engage in topic-specific study.

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