Blackboard or BMN (Subscriptions and Opt-Outs)

    • Framingham Public Schools uses a system referred to as the BMN (Blackboard Mass Notifications) to send automated phone calls (robocalls), emails, and text messages to parents/guardians of our students. The contact information for these messages is managed by the Office Managers at each child's school. If you need to update your contact information, please notify your school-based staff.

      If you have opt-ed out of communication through Blackboard, here are the ways that you can opt back in.


      • Outreach phone calls include the ability for users to opt-out by pressing 9 at the end of the message. (If this happens, Emergency/Attendance calls will remain unchanged.)
      • If you want to opt back into receiving informational calls, please call the Opt-out Hotline: 855-502-7867 “press 2 to opt back in”.
      • Important: You must place your call from the phone number that is opted-out


      • Recipients can click 'unsubscribe' from an email sent by the District or your child's school.
      • If you've unsubscribed or want to re-subscribe, please contact Rochelle Santos who can simply remove you from the Opt-Out list. Please send the email from the address you wish  


      • If you've opted out of SMS Texts from the District or your child's school, please text "FRAMINGHAM SD1003885" to the short code 23177.
      • Example: Send SUBSCRIBE 1003885 to 23177.

      Blackboard messages are sent by phone, email, and text from the District or school only to Framingham Public School students (parents/guardians) and staff. At this time, we do not have a way for community members to subscribe to the messages sent by this system.