FPA's Value Mission and Vision

  • Core Values: What we Believe

    FPA shares the values that guide all teaching and learning within the district. These values direct all work with students, each other, and the community—during and beyond the school day.

    Specifically, FPA believes in:

    1. Providing a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive teaching and learning environment

    2. Engaging antiracist and responsible civic advocates

    3. Respecting diversity of thoughts, learners, culture, and community

    4. Fostering learning and healthy growth of all students and staff

    5. Ensuring every school will be an active, participatory, equitable community

    Mission: What is our purpose?

    FPA serves to provide FPS students in developing their sense of self and community through broad experiences with artistic skills, theories, concepts, and techniques to express, celebrate, and advocate for themselves as both individuals and artists. The department aims to guide students as they develop into creative thinkers, confident expressers, collaborative and innovative problem solvers, and socially responsible individuals who have a life-long appreciation for the arts and take joy in expressing themselves artistically, creatively, and collaboratively.

    Vision: What do we hope to become?

    FPA will engage all FPS students and the broader Framingham community with equitable and multifaceted arts programming—during and beyond the school day—to ensure belonging for everyone. We hope to achieve this through culturally responsive, high-quality skill and content-based instruction that incorporates creative exploration, cooperative learning, and critical thinking. All instruction will be rooted in history, culture, media, techniques, and genres that reflect the diverse perspectives within the community.