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    The Parent Information Center office is open virtually from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm from Mondays-Fridays. If you need additional help, please call our office at 508-424-3420 or email us at parentinfo@framingham.k12.ma.us 



    We are excited to have your family join our school district. All the information you need to register for school is located here. Enrollment in the Framingham Public Schools is contingent upon residency. You must be a resident of Framingham in order to attend the Framingham Public Schools. Before a student is registered for Framingham Public Schools and can begin school, his/her parent or legal guardian must provide proof of primary residence. Temporary residence in the City of Framingham for the sole purpose of attending the Framingham Public Schools will not be considered residency.  Because residency may change for students and their families during the course of the academic year and a student’s educational life, the Framingham Public Schools may continue to verify residency after the commencement of classes.

    Whole Child

      Registration for new and returning students

    TO STARTPlease fill out the required online pre-registration and choose an appointment time for a phone interview at the end of the application. A registrar from our Center will contact you regarding the next steps necessary to complete your child's registration. No in-person appointments are being scheduled because of the school closures due to the COVID-19.

    • Schools are legally required to collect copies of specific documents in order to enroll students. (see below)
    • Completing the online registration process at home at your convenience will save you time.
    • Additionally, if you are registering multiple students, the information in the first form will be pre-loaded into the second registration form when you use the link on the Submission Confirmation page to register another student.
    • We recommend using a non-mobile device to complete this task if possible, as it is easier with access to a keyboard.
    • Important: All the information regarding language exposure will be reviewed by our Bilingual Department and a determination will be made whether a language proficiency testing is necessary. Your child will be required to come (New-Online interview process because of COVID-19 school closure) for an English proficiency evaluation. Program recommendations will be made according to the test results. Testers will discuss results with parents. Click here for detailed information. 


    • Click here to start
      (It may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete all the online required information. Thank you!)

      Documents required for registration 
      Homeless families are encouraged but not required to provide these documents.

    1. Your child's birth certificate - (Long-form/Government issued)
    2. Proof of residency - (Signed lease or Mortgage/tax bill)
    3. Proof of occupancy - (utility bill)
    4. If you are living with friends or family please fill out a Residency Affidavits 
    5. Proof of parent/guardian's identification
    6. Your child's most recent physical examination and immunization record
      (Must be within the last 12 months) and online Health Forms filled out - click here to start

      if applicable 
    7. Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan - If a child receives Special Education Services

    8. Proof of guardianship/custody - If a child is not living with one or both natural parents 

    9. Records from previous schools - grades 1-12


    You can upload the required documents here



    • Welcome to the Framingham Public Schools!

      My name is Bob Tremblay and I am proud to lead our school district as Superintendent of Schools. In Framingham, we believe in family and community engagement. We know that our schools are stronger when there is a partnership between our educators and school leaders and our community of families.

      In becoming a City, voices have been lifted from across the Framingham’s 9 districts and difficult topics around race, gender, and poverty - among others - have taken center stage in our public, ongoing school improvement discussions. Framingham students and their families continue to benefit as we raise awareness and advance solutions that enlist collaboration between elected officials, school and district leaders, and our strong team of educators and support staff. Inclusive policies and practices and equity-minded models of programming and resource allocation have been implemented to improve access for students and families in our school community. And we have only just begun.

      We believe that lifting the voices of our students and our families is the best approach to developing a shared commitment to making our school district exceptional! We welcome the opportunity to hear from you directly as we, together, ensure equity of opportunity and work toward improved outcomes for our most important stakeholders - our students!

      I hope to meet many of our families, in person, in our schools, and at community events throughout the year. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if I may be of service to you and your family.

      Very truly yours,

      Bob Tremblay

      Location:  (CLOSED due to the COVID-19 until further notice)
      31 Flagg Drive  - Door 4A - Framingham MA 01702 - Phone: 508-424-3420 

      Open virtually year-round 
      Monday to Friday:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm  
      Closed on the weekends and holidays