Welcome to the Sage Program!

  • Description of SAGE Services

    All children possess gifts and talents. Some children may be academically advanced, others may be musically inclined, while still others may excel in sports.  The Framingham Public Schools defines giftedness as a combination of high academic ability, abstract thinking preference, and a divergent learning style.  Since the goal is for every student to maximize his/her learning potential, it becomes necessary for children who possess special needs associated with giftedness to receive modifications in the teaching/learning environment.  These modifications may be handled in the classroom or through a pull-out service, dependent upon individual need. Therefore, services of the Sage Department are two-fold: an integration component and a pull-out component.

    The pullout component is developed in a prescriptive sense to address and support the needs of identified students.  In this setting, Sage provides a differentiated program of work that is based on abstract and divergent thinking skills, independent investigation and the 16 Habits of Mind developed by Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick.  The social-emotional and self-advocacy needs which impact motivation and learning are also an important component of these services. Sage classes are part of the core academic program essential for proper growth and development.

    The integration component not only provides for the modifications necessary for the individual needs of identified students, it also provides opportunities for thinking skill development for all students.  The Sage staff serves as a resource for classroom teachers through collaboration and the provision of materials, lessons, and learning centers/projects based on the integration of higher order thinking skills into the grade level content.