• Our Mission

    The goal of the Jewish Student Union is to foster a community among Jewish students at FHS. We review Jewish holidays as they occur and discuss various traditions and values. We want to educate our members about the antisemitism in our community and globally, while also providing an open space where people can share their happy and positive experiences as a Jew. Additionally, we are fully open to allowing people who are not Jewish join if they would like to learn and discuss with us. Our primary focus will be creating an open, safe space where our members can feel comfortable expressing their ideas and asking questions when they want to learn more about any topics we discuss. In light of recent events, it is necessary to create a space where students can come together and unpack what they have been through. It is a wonderful occurrence when people are able to relate in any capacity and it allows for us, as students, to create lasting friendships with one other. If you are interested in joining or have any questions feel free to reach out or message on our Instagram: @fhsjewishstudentunion

  • Naomi Hoffman and Lily Rubin are the founders / leaders at this time. 

    Current meeting time will be Thursday at 3:00 pm.