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    Framingham Public Schools strives to provide an educational and working environment free of bias or discrimination, where individuals of all backgrounds and experiences can flourish, are welcomed, included, encouraged, and successful.

    We are aware that some members of our community are being affected by COVID-19 at higher rates than others. Long-standing health and social inequities have put many of Framingham’s immigrant communities and communities of color at an increased risk of getting sick or dying from the virus. You can learn more about how these inequities have impacted residents of our community in Pandemic's Unseen Victims (Metrowest Daily News Article by Jeannette Hinkle)

    We hope that this website and the resources we provide here will be helpful to everyone in our community during this challenging time.


If your child(ren) are sick and showing COVID-like symptoms, take these steps:

    1. Stay home
    2. Email or call your healthcare provider, for evaluation and for on-site COVID testing
    3. Email or call your school nurse, your school’s office manager, and your schools before/after-school coordinator (if applicable) to report your student’s absence
    4. Testing Options (When You Are Experiencing Symptoms):
      1. Framingham COVID Testing Options
      2. Ashland COVID Testing (Drive through testing is set up on the far right of the Commuter Rail parking lot)
    5. If Positive - Isolate per public health guidance for a minimum of 10 days (see more on the Quarantine Page)
    6. If Negative - Share test results with your school nurse and return to school / activities as long as you are fever-free without fever-reducing medication for 24 hours, and have had a significant improvement in symptoms.
    7. If no testing is done, stay home for 10 days in isolation (see more on the Quarantine Page)
    8. If an alternative diagnosis is made, provide documentation to your school nurse and wait for clearance to return to school.

FPS COVID Data Dashboard

  • FPS COVID Data Dashboard

    (click the image above to view the COVID Data Dashboard)

    The Framingham Public Schools COVID Dashboard contains data that reflects the number of positive COVID cases for staff and students physically present in Framingham Public School buildings. Staff may visit multiple buildings as part of their employment, so multiple locations may be listed. The date listed is the date the positive case was reported to FPS.

FPS Pooled Testing Dashboard

  • FPS Pool Testing Dashboard

    (click the image above to view the Pooled Testing Dashboard)

    The Framingham Public Schools Pooled Testing Dashboard contains data that reflects the number of pools and students/staff tested by school, positive pools, pooled testing consent rate, and vaccination rates for students by grade.

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