The Tenacity Challenge is an annual academic scholarship competition for teams of Latino and African-American students from urban and suburban high schools across Massachusetts. Teams of up to 6 students compete in four events.  Each team will determine its own division of labor in order to prepare for the four events:
     - Science and Math Quiz Bowl Challenge (Physics, Chemistry, Algebra I, Geometry)
     - Literature Response Challenge (Filmed Performance)
     - History Argument Challenge (Team will research and argue a position before judges)
     - Mural Challenge- artistic mural centered on a theme
    This year’s challenge will be on March 28, 2020 and take place at New Bedford High School.  More information can be found at


  • Advisor:  Tanya Bogaty

    Location: B102

    Meeting: Wednesdays, except the first one of the month

    Eligibility:  All students

    Student Officers:  Sanga Esther Kalemba, Angelo St. Charles-Rene