The Environmental Awareness Club at Framingham High School was founded in 2018 by a group of environmentally concerned students and faculty. We work to bring awareness to environmental issues through education and outreach. Our club members meet with various school leadership teams to develop and implement more sustainable options in our district and with community members to help improve the health of the environment in Framingham. It is our hope that if we continue to educate students, staff, and community members about the impact their choices have on the environment we will inspire positive changes that will lead to a brighter tomorrow.


  • Advisor: Rebecca Maynard & Emily Rathmell 

    Location: Virtual

    Meeting: Fridays at TBD 

    Eligibility: All students

    President: Emma Rothwell

    Vice President: Ella Downey 

    Media Officers: Sylvia Rodrigues & Maggy McEnaney