Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • Morning Drop-Off

    • Please DO NOT park on Griffin OR Turner Roads in the morning. If you're interested in walking your child to school, please park on Mary Agnes in front of Potter and walk your child down the main entrance path and around the back of the building.
    • Please plan to enter through the back entrance by traveling down Turner Road to Griffin Road. (eventually past the Do Not Enter sign and into the back parking lot)
    • KINDERGARTEN PARENTS: You are welcome to drop students off in the back of the building as we'll have Kindergarten classroom aides in the back of the building waiting to meet them.

    Morning Traffic Pattern (Behind POTTER ROAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL)

    • Cars come down Turner Road (sidewalk on your right-hand side)
    • Turn right onto Griffin towards the back of the school
    • Pass the Do Not Enter signs and enter the back parking lot
    • Once you're pulled up, staff will open the door of the car, closest to the building if possible
    • If your child is a walker in the back of the building, please make sure they stay on the sidewalk and head on the path to the left of the gate as they make their way toward the building.
    • Please do NOT line up before 8:45AM

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    • Potter Road's afternoon pick-up procedure will not change. You can park on both Griffin and Turner in the afternoon, walk up to the back entrance and pick up your children.

    Afternoon Traffic Pattern

    • Cars come down Turner Road as normal (sidewalk side on your right) and can either park on Turner or Griffin and walk up to get students
    • For afternoon pick up, you can park on both Griffin and Turner and will NOT enter onto Potter Road's property

    For Walkers: Please know, at this point, there is no crossing guard in front of the school