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    Alli Barbary - Room 7

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    In reading, students are working on building strong reading habits.  Students are working daily to increase their independent reading stamina, meaning they are increasing the amount of time that they can independently read.  Many of our mini-lessons focus on previewing the text before reading, and re-reading when they are done to work on fluency, decoding skills and comprehension skills..   Previewing a book before reading requires students to think about what they may be reading.  This is also a way to get reluctant readers excited to read.  Re-reading books is a way for students to build fluency skills and improve their sight word recognition skills by reading the same words again.  In addition to re-reading, re-telling is taught to students as well to strengthen their comprehension skills.  Although these are skills that we will cover throughout the year, we began laying the foundation for this year long work in September and will continue into October.
    In writing, students are working on writing personal narratives.  You may hear the term "small moment" at home, as that is how we refer to personal narrative writing stories in the classroom.  Students are learning how to navigate through the writing process to write a story that includes details, and real life experiences.  Students will be editing and revising their stories throughout the month to focus in on one small moment.  When writing, students are encouraged to stretch out their words and write the sounds they hear.  We do not expect correct spelling at this point in the year. Instead we like to see students applying Fundations skills to their spelling. Small moments are stories about events that have already happened.  It would be great for families to talk with students at home about possible topics for their small moment writing!
    In math, we are working on composing and decomposing numbers to ten.  Using tools like number bonds, rekenreks, and unifix cubes students are constantly manipulating numbers to show two parts and a whole.  We will be applying these tools to word problems as well to help us solve addition and subtraction word problems.  Throughout our work with composing and decomposing numbers we will continue to place emphasis on number bonds, and students understanding that part + part = whole.  This is something that will continue for years to come, so it is important that students have a solid understanding of this concept. 
    Our current Social Studies unit is families.  We will be learning about certain customs and traditions that families have and the various members of the family.  Students will be invited to complete a family journey assignment to help teach the class about their own family.
    During our SEL blocks we will continue to teach the Zones of Regulations as a way of identifying how someone may be feeling throughout the school day.  Our Character Theme for this month is Respect, so we will be reading many stories that teach respect as well as having academic conversations about respect. 





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