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The Transportation Policy and Procedures is as follows:

Students who live more than 2 miles from their assigned school

  • Transportation is provided
  • No fee is required for students in grades K-6
  • Sign into Family Connection Portal found on FPS website to inform the transportation office whether or not you require transportation.

Students who live within 2 miles of their assigned school

  • Seats will be offered on a space available basis
  • Fee required: $270.00* for the school year.
    The fee is waived if the family submits an application and qualifies for free or reduced lunch.
  • Sign into Family Connection Portal found on FPS website to request transportation.


  • Transportation to childcare is not guaranteed.
  • Families who are requesting transportation to an address other than their home address must go to/from five days a week. For the safety of the child, there are no exceptions to the five day rule.
  • Sign into Family Connection Portal found on FPS website to request an alternate stop.
  • You will be notified before the start of school if transportation to the alternate stop cannot be accommodated.

Family Connection Portal:

  • Once you have been notified which school your kindergarten student is assigned to, go to the Framingham Public Schools home page,, and click on the Family Connection Portal.
  • Create and verify your new Family Connection account using your student’s ID# and your student’s date of birth.
  • Proceed by accessing the Address Verification and Transportation Application link. Transportation requests will not be processed until your address has been verified and updated.
  • Provide transportation information for each of your students.
  • Deadline for requesting transportation will be posted on FPS website.
  •  If you need assistance, please contact the Parent Information Center at 508-782-6936 between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. or email
  • You will be able to view your personal bus route information after bus routes have been posted on FPS website.


Kindergarten Bus Safety Guidelines

  1. The driver must see approved adult at bus stop. If someone other than the parent/guardian is retrieving the kindergarten student, notify the student’s school of the change.
  2. The parent/guardian of kindergarten student must be available at bus stop 10 minutes before listed stop time. If no one is available at the bus stop to retrieve the kindergarten student, they will be returned to the student’s school.
  3. We highly encourage the parent to teach their child to know their name and address. We ask that you label the students backpack and belongings. We encourage parent/student to know their assigned bus number.
  4. Safety outside the bus is important - Wait until the bus is stopped before moving toward the bus. The danger zone around the bus is 10 feet; keep your distance until the driver opens the doors to board.   If you have to cross the street, go at least 5 big steps in front of the bus, and wait until the driver signals for you to cross the street. Never go back to the bus after you get off of it. If you drop something, wait until the bus is gone.
  5. Safety on the bus is important – Law requires that students be seated while a bus is moving. Please teach the student to stay seated to avoid injury, use inside voices, and follow the direction of the driver. Eating and/or drinking on the bus is not allowed.


*All fees are tentative pending final
School Committee approval.


Click here for 2014-2015 bus routes

Address Verification & 
Transportation Application
2014-15 School Year


Framingham Public Schools is introducing a new streamlined system for parent/guardian resources. This is the Family Connection Portal. The Family Connection Portal introduces a single login to access your student accounts. If you have an existing X2 Aspen Parent Portal account, please continue using your X2 Aspen portal for access to report cards.

In an effort to maintain accurate data and ensure the safety of your student in the event of an emergency, we are requesting that you create a Family Connection Portal account to access and complete the 2014-2015 Address Verification and Transportation Application for each of your students.  Computers are available for use at the Framingham Libraries and Parent Information Center. 

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The streets listed in each school are in-eligible for transportation

As ruas mencionadas na lista de cada escola 
"não" se qualificam para o transporte escolar

Las calles que aparecen en la lista de cada escuela
"no" califican para transporte escolar















Potter Road

Saint Bridget




The Brighton School





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