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Welcome to Hemenway School!

Happy New Year! 

We are looking forward to another busy and exciting year of learning and growth at Hemenway. 


Framingham Before and After-School Survey

The February LUNCH calendar is available here.
Attention all Hemenway 4th and 5th graders:
Now that the field is covered with enough snow, we will be going outside to snowshoe in Physical Education.
Please be sure to dress appropriately.
Snow boots are required.
Please always remember to wear sneakers on your PE day!
Mrs. Schlegel and Mrs. Cap


Resources for Parents About Measles and the Vaccine to Prevent It
The best way to protect against measles is to get a measles containing vaccination (MMR or MMRV). 
The Center's for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) has resources for parents and guardians to help educate
 them about measles and the importance of being fully vaccinated.


PARCC Testing Dates:

March 23 - April 4

May 11 - May 22


5th grade MCAS-Science/Technology Engineering dates: May 4-8, 2015.


Hemenway promotes "pawsitive" behavior!

Check out Hemenway's Behavior Matrix! It outlines all of the expected behaviors here at Hemenway School. 

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We Are A Multiple Intelligences School

Hemenway students are smart in lots of ways!


  Over the past years, teachers have taken courses on how the brain works and how to design lessons so that children of all different learning styles can access and master curricula standards. Our focus is on creating an environment at Hemenway that enables the children to delve into learning content areas in context. We want to create a place where the children can learn through real-life experiences, hands-on science, and current world events. We want them working on complex environmental problems and taking positions on social and environmental issues. We want them to be true world citizens. 
Test your Multiple Intelligences - click Test your MI 
(with parent permission).





Hemenway Elementary School, 729 Water St. Framingham, MA, 508-626-9150
School Office Phone: 508-626-9150 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) / Fax Line: 508-877-2262
School Hours: 9:15am-3:17pm