Fuller Middle School is one of three middle schools in Framingham, MA. It houses approximately 450 students enrolled in grades six, seven and eight. In the current school year Fuller has almost 100 professional educators comprised of classroom teachers, support staff, and paraprofessional teachers. There are two administrators. Our mascot is the Fuller Falcon.

Sharon Seyller, PrincipalHistory: The Fuller Middle School was established in September of 1994. The school is named in honor of Dr. Solomon Fuller, a psychiatrist, and his wife Meta Fuller, a sculptor. The Fullers, a pioneering African-American family, lived on Warren Road near the current location of the Fuller Middle School during the early part of the twentiethcentury. Dr. and Mrs. Fuller were leaders in their professions and in the Framingham Community during their lives. The roles they played during their lifetimes serve as models for the students of the school named in their memory.

Sharon Seyller, Principal

Schedule: The school schedule is organized around a six-day rotation, starting at 8:15 am. (Homeroom is held from 8:07 to 8:12 am). School is dismissed at 2:25 pm. Students have a half hour lunch period every day.

The Team Approach: Every student at Fuller Middle School is part of an academic team. A team consists of a group of teachers (covering the primary subjects and possibly including an additional instructor for either inclusion instruction or English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction). In addition to attending classes within the team, students also participate in Unified Arts courses (Art, Music, Health & Physical Education,STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)), World Language (either French or Spanish) or Guided Math or Guided Reading.

Being part of an academic team and a team-based homeroom allows students to be part of a small, cohesive group of students who share the same classes and teachers. Teachers have common planning time every day in the six-day rotation in order to plan integrated activities, discuss student concerns and meet with parents. Students benefit from this arrangement because their instructors are continuously touching base with one another, and they are able to develop instruction plans that allow for individualized attention across the various subject areas.

Core Values


  • to hold oneself in high esteem
  • to appreciate our similarities and celebrate the differences in others
  • to value education


  • to be accountable for one's own behavior
  • to care for the school and community environment


  • to make learning a lifelong process
  • to become an ethical decision maker
  • to strive toward excellence
  • to have and hold high expectations for oneself


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