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Remember to complete our online Registration if you are new to us, and to Sign Up for classes. We are introducing a this online procedure for signing up for classes, hoping it will be easier for all of you.  The registration is for those families signing up for the first time for a program.  Once you register, then you can complete the sign up form. Please feel free to provide us with feedback on this new system. 

Our focus continues to be on STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math).  Through play you will explore our many learning zones where you can pretend to be an architect, scientist, or mathematician. We also are introducing Motor Time as a way to be active indoors during the winter months.  PLGT "Hot Topics" and Baby Talk are other classes where we can discuss those what is on your mind and hopefully you will gain reassurance and support on common themes that are often part of the parenting journey. Our next Passport to Parenting Workshop is a special Dads & Donuts for ALL families with a STEM theme.  Kay Byram will be our guide for this journey. Click on the picture below to preview the February schedule.



For more activities, go to the Brain Building in Progress website to find out about more statewide programs.

Do you know about the Resources for Early Learning website?  Great brain building ideas for families and educators alike.  Go to www.resourcesforearlylearning.org

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The Early Childhood Alliance of Framingham is a Coordinated Family and Community Engagement program funded by a grant through the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care, administered by the Framingham Public Schools.