District Profile

The Framingham Public School System is committed to the most complete development of each student. Educational programs are designed to provide all students with the knowledge and skills necessary for leading a worthwhile life in a free multi-cultural society. Visit our district profile on the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website.

Comprehensive PreK-12 Curriculum

The Framingham Public School System maintains a comprehensive early childhood through grade twelve curriculum. It is designed to:


  • Teach basic communication, cognitive, and computational skills.
  • Promote mathematical and scientific awareness.
  • Cultivate an understanding of history, geography, government, and the humanities.
  • Foster creativity.
  • Instill an appreciation for and proficiency in the arts.
  • Nurture occupational; competency and the capacity and desire for life long learning.
  • Encourage an understanding of multi-cultural values.

The curriculum is supported through professional development and discipline-specific leadership provided by the curriculum resource department and the department chairs.

Responsible Citizenship

The Framingham Public School System recognizes that students must acquire the skills necessary for becoming effective and productive citizens. It endeavors to provide each learner with a knowledge and understanding of how our society functions and a commitment to exercising the rights and responsibilities of civic functioning. Students are assisted in gaining a knowledge of, and respect for the natural environment and; for, the cultural, ethnic, political, and religious diversities of the community, nation, and world. Opportunities are made available for them to practice the attributes of good citizenship through responsible participation in the school community.

Affective and Social Development

The Framingham Public School System believes in the essential dignity and worth of each individual and in the importance of his/her successful actions and interactions to our free society. It attempts to guide each student toward the development of self-understanding, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-discipline. These values are necessary for functioning effectively and for appreciating others. It encourages individuals to exercise the qualities of courtesy, cooperation, empathy, tolerance, and respect.

Cognitive Development

The Framingham Public School System is aware that effective thinking skills are essential to human existence in an increasing complex world. It recognizes a responsibility to promote the ability of each student to inquire, to think critically, to analyze choices, and to evaluate in utilizing problem-solving strategies.

Educational Environment

In order to promote effective instruction and learning, the Framingham Public School System endeavors to maintain a positive, supportive, and healthy educational environment in which students sense the genuine understanding, concern, and accessibility of their teachers. High expectations of, and mutual respect for, students and staff are essential to the quest for excellence. Enthusiasm, creativity, and inquisitiveness are encouraged in the learning atmosphere. Open communication is emphasized with an attempt to include parents and community in the process. The maintenance of favorable pupil-staff ratios along with optimal physical conditions and instructional amenities are conducive to both effective teaching and learning.


To ensure quality and efficient education, ongoing review of the school system and its curriculum will be carried out by staff, students, parents, and community. Recommendations and decisions will incorporate the knowledge, views, and opinions of the aforementioned groups. Available media will be utilized in this process to increase public understanding and support.

Professional Development

The Framingham Public School System is committed to supporting the professional growth of all staff through in-service training experiences offered during student release time and a variety of professional development opportunities, including district sponsored graduate level courses and targeted district and school based workshops.Professional development opportunities are aligned with district and school based goals.The goal of all professional development is the improvement of teaching and learning so that every student has the opportunity to achieve at the highest levels.



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