Framingham Public Schools Central Office Directory

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Position or Department Name


Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stacy L. Scott 626-9117  sscott
Assistant Superintendent Mr. Mark Prince 626-9118   mprince
Director of Human Resources Paula Ceglowski 626-9107  pceglowski 
Business Manager Dr. Edward J. Gotgart 626-9100  egotgart
Director of Educational Operations Dr. Sonia Diaz 626-9132  sdiaz
Director of Curriculum and Staff Development Dr. Grace Wai 626-9132 gwai
Director of Special Ed. Laura Spear 424-3458 lspear
Director of Title I Dr, Coretta McCarter 626-9120 cmccarter
Director of Health and Wellness Judith Styer 626-9197  jstyer
Director of Athletics Gary Doherty 782-7510  gdoherty
Director of Food Services Brendan Ryan 626-9109  bryan
Director of Technology Alan Graham 424-3413  agraham
Director of Bilingual Ed.(Acting) Gen Grieci 626-9171  ggrieci
Director of Family and Community Engagement Anna Carollo Cross 424-3420 across
Director of Early Childhood Rosario Alvarez 788-2380  ralvarez
Director of Community Resource Development Joseph Corazzini 626-9115  jcorazzini
Supervisor of Attendance Brendon Savage 424-3420  bsavage
Director of Transportation Rick Gallagher 626-9179  rgallagh
Director of Building and Grounds Matt Torti 626-9111  mtorti
Gifted and Talented Dept. Diane Modest 626-9134  dmodest



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